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The Driver's Education and Training courses at Westwood are designed to meet the social responsibilities and legal requirements of aspiring students. These driving courses are set in an atmosphere that is informative, creative and friendly. These courses provide the student with essential information concerning knowledge of the laws and the system. Our curriculum includes:

  • Causes and Prevention of Accidents
  • Signs, Signals, and Highway Markings
  • California Vehicle Codes
  • Rules of the Road
  • State and Local Motor Vehicle Law and Ordinances
  • Defensive Driving Techniques

Sound educational principles shall be employed which include one-on-one instruction requiring student involvement in a variety of ways. A text book and 20 films are utilized, and each is concluded with discussion, observation, demonstration and review. The student is tested, quizzed and given spontaneous evaluation of his or her individual progress.

Information on our Driver Education Classes

The minimum requirements set by the Department of Motor Vehicles for Driver's Education ( the teenager classroom course) is thirty 50-minute sessions. Alternatively Westwood Driving School also offers Online Drivers Ed. For a comparison of the two courses click here.

Driver Training Information

The minimum requirement set by the Department of Motor Vehicles for a Driver's Training (behind-the-wheel) course is six-hours of training. We pick up and drop off our students for most lessons. (Pickup can be at home, school, practice, or any place arranged in advance; please have a working [turned on] cell phone with you if your pick-up is not at home).

Driver Training is accomplished in a vehicle with a licensed instructor. Six (6) hours training with a licensed instructor in a public or private driving school are required by law. It takes three days, (two hours per day) to complete, though it is best NOT to take the lessons too close together – practicing between lessons is imperative! Driver Training can be taken any day of the week with an appointment and the training covers basic driving skills. Once these skills are mastered and the instructor feels the student can do so safely, freeway and parallel parking will be covered. It is up to the instructor to decide if the student is ready without interfering with learning and practicing basic driving skills (feel free to request freeway or parallel parking, and our instructor will make every effort to comply).

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