• I had a marvelous experience at Westwood Driving School, signed up for initial 6 lessons, then took 3 more to get ready for the driving test. My favorite instructors were Greg (3 lessons) and Stella (4 lessons). Got my license today, and the instructor who took me there, Ali, was very nice, helpful and helped me calm down and be ready for the test. I would schedule my appointments with Laura, who is a very nice and joyful person, and a pleasure to talk to! Overall, I wish I could rate these guys 6/5 because they deserve it!

    Karthik S Ram
  • I had a GREAT experience with Westwood driving school. My instructors were very sweet, kind, and helpful. I have really bad exam anxiety and have had difficulty passing the driving exam for this reason. I attribute my passing to my instructor who helped ease my nerves by joking and raising my confidence. The instructors (I had Eduardo for two of my lessons) give tips which are key to passing the exam. So long story short, if you're looking for a school which will cut all the b.s. and make you a more confident driver, Westwood is the place for you!

  • The price was incredibly reasonable and the class was… not as bad as I thought a 6-hour course would be. Furthermore, they offer a lot of different times at which you can take classes, including nights and weekends (which is incredibly convenient). I honestly recommend this place because I had a positive experience and the staff was very friendly and informative.

    Sean Czerwinski
  • I had my driving lessons by Eduardo,He was truly wonderful and helped me gain confidence in driving in freeways! Thanks much 🙂 Absolutely recommend Westwood Driving school.

    Kavitha Gomathy
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