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Driving lessons with Westwood Driving School are fun, comfortable and easy. Our teen lessons build safe driving skills and help prepare students for the DMV road test.

Our team of friendly instructors have successfully taught tens of thousands of teens to drive safely since 1986. They are all licensed, bonded and insured. The entire Westwood Driving School staff is all about safe driving and helping students understand the rules of the road.

We conveniently pick-up and drop-off students from any location within our service area 7 days-a-week from 7am to 8pm.

Teen lessons are always 2 hours.

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THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT (set by the CA DMV) for anyone taking the road test before their 18th birthday is 6 HOURS of professional instruction. That is Three 2-Hour behind the wheel lessons.

Our 6 hour teen course provides students with the basic safe-driving skills for residential and commercial streets, parking lots and backing.

Every student learns at their own pace. We cannot guarantee that a student will have all skills mastered after just 6 hours of instruction.

Freeways, Canyons, Steep Hills, Busy Downtown Streets, One-Way Streets and Parallel Parking skills are taught in the higher-hour lesson packages

Experience has shown that most teens actually need between 10-20 hours of professional guidance to become safe and comfortable enough to gain the foundational safe-driving skills.


All lessons above the required 6 hours) WILL BE PRICED AT DISCOUNTED PACKAGE PRICING


This is a team effort. Teens are required to additionally practice at least 50 hours (with a CA licensed parent or other adult) and at least 10 hours at night. The more experience a student has behind the wheel before attempting the drive test, the safer they will be. Any lessons over the required 6 hours will count towards the 50 hours of additional practice.


We recommend scheduling the first few lessons fairly close together to allow the student to gain the foundational skills needed to drive safely with someone who isn't a professional and doesn't have an instructor's break. Once they have mastered the basics, and they are ready to drive with a parent (or other licensed adult), then it's time to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


We recommend at least one "DMV Road Test Prep" lesson close to your scheduled drive test date. The test prep lesson is a great way to polish the student's skills, iron-out any "bad habits" and introduce the student driver to the specific skills required to pass the DMV Road Test.

Driving Schools are not allowed to drive on the TEST ROUTE at any DMV. It is against the law for ANY Driving School vehicles to be on the DMV route, within 500 feet of the DMV, practicing with potential test takers. The DMV examiners are also very familiar with driving instructors, if they are found on the route the student may be prevented from being tested at that DMV and we could loose our license to operate.

Your safe-driving skills are what will allow you to pass the test, not knowing just the route.


The DMV requires all drive tests to be scheduled. Expect at least 2-3 weeks wait-time for test appointment openings.

Our very popular DMV DRIVE TEST SERVICE is a great way to avoid the hassles of dealing with the DMV on your own.

  • We will schedule the test appointment for you on a day that works for you and your instructor.
  • Your instructor will pick you up an hour prior to your test appointment time.
  • You will practice safe driving skills on the way to the DMV.
  • You will arrive at the DMV approximately 15 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Your instructor will escort you through the check-in process.
  • You'll just need to bring your permit and "certificate of completion of behind the wheel instruction"
  • We will provide the proof of vehicle registration and insurance.

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