Driver's Education Classroom

Driver's Education is a 30-Hour course as outlined and approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Information in this course will assist the reader in gathering the knowledge in order to pass the written DMV test .

How Does the Driver's Education In-Class Program Work?

Our 30-Hour Driver's Education In-Class Program consists of five sessions; four of the sessions are lectures where the students will be doing bookwork, listening to PowerPoint lectures, and watching videos. The last session would be the testing session which the student will take several quizzes and a final exam to prepare him/ her for the written test at the DMV.

Westwood Driving School In-Class Driver's Education Program is Offered Saturdays from 10am to 3:30pm and some Holiday's. (Call for hours and days)

Spaces fill up quickly, so please call in advance at 310-824-4444 or Contact Us to sign up!

Monday – Saturday 9AM – 5PM
Which Driver's Ed Course Do I Choose?
Below is a table outlining the differences between the two Driver's education options

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