Rates / Costs

TEENS 17 1/2 and younger

30-hour Class room Online Program Only
(Online through www.310driversed.com)

30-hour Class room In -Class$90

Driver's Education Classroom plus 10 hrs Driving$620

Online Driver's Education Classroom plus 10 hrs Driving$550

10 hours Driving for a Teen (includes Driver's Training)$530

DRIVER'S TRAINING (6 hour program)  
6 hours behind the wheel
($122 per lesson for first three lessons)

Drivers Education (online) & Drivers Training (package)$400
Drivers Education (inclass) & Drivers Training (package)$440
Drivers Education , Drivers Training & Road Test (package)$490
Additional lessons after completeing packages$96

ADULTS 18 years old and older

DRIVING LESSONS Automatic Transmission  
1 Lesson2 hours driving$55/hour$110
3 Lessons6 hours driving$52/hour$312
6 Lessons12 hours driving$51/hour$612
10 Lessons20 hours driving$49/hour$980

Stick-Shift LessonsTwo(2) hours driving


1 Lesson -SUV2 hours driving$200


Road Test(Optional)$125


When paying for packages of more than one lesson, payment is due on or before the first lesson unless other arrangements have been made with the school office. Otherwise, you will be charged a non-package rate of one lesson at a time, which is a higher rate.

There is a $20.00 charge for each returned check or unpaid/overdue balance.

When requesting Standard Transmission (Stick Shift) Lessons, be aware that you will not be taught basic driving skills. You should already know how to operate a vehicle. Basic skills can be taught on an automatic transmission vehicle before continuing to the standard transmission vehicle.

Requests for “No Back-to-Back” and “Own Car” services will be charged at $30 extra per service. As lessons are usually “Back-to-Back” (meaning that at the end of a lesson you will be at the next student’s pickup spot; that student will then drive you home), you will normally return home anywhere from 10-45 minutes after the end of the lesson (depending on traffic and the next student’s abilities).

All cancellations must be confirmed with the office by 2PM the day before any scheduled lesson, or a $30 cancellation fee will be charged.

Each lesson is two hours long. We may call in advance to see if you are ready as early as 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. Teens are required to complete one, two-hour lesson before they practice with parents. At certain times of the year, our schedule will fill two months in advance – be sure to call well in advance of your desired lesson and don’t wait until the last minute to schedule. We can call and remind you of the lesson at your request

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