Looking for Stick Shift Lessons in Los Angeles? Here are Some Things to Look for in a Driving School

Stick Shift Lessons Los AngelesThere are many benefits to taking Stick Shift Lessons in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there are not many driving schools that offer lessons on manual transmission. Westwood Driving School is a highly renowned school in the driving industry offering lessons on both automatic and stick shift. If you are looking for a Playa Del Rey Driving School or Pacific Palisades Driving School you will find lots of information online. A proper driving school will be able to help you obtain a learners permit and drivers license. By completing a driving program with a DMV accredited school a student driver will be on their way to becoming a safe driver. Taking professional lessons with a driving school is so important, especially when it comes to stick shift lessons. Learning to drive stick is time consuming and tricky. A student needs to be able to focus and be able to multitask to learn on a manual transmission car. It is imperative to find a driving school that has years of experience and a great reputation in the driving school industry. The following are important things to consider when looking for a school and how best to learn stick shift:

  • A driving school should have a sign on the school vehicle that is clearly visible. This will indicate to all the other drivers on the road that there is a new student driver being taught. Other drivers knowing there is a new driver will hopefully be cordial and allow the student driver some space.
  • Ensure the driving school vehicle has undergone a complete internal and external servicing so that an unexpected breakdown can be avoided. It is a good idea for an instructor to cover what to do if the car were to have mechanical problems.
  • A sign of a good instructor is one that is attentive and keeps a close eye on the new drivers abilities. The instructor should be both patient and knowledgeable. He or she should be able to point out the students mistakes in a calm manner while instructing the proper way to drive. Becoming a safe and defensive driver on stick or automatic takes constant practice with the help of an experienced instructor.
  • Lastly, when learning the basics on a manual transmission it is best to wear comfortable shoes (no flip-flops). A student wants to be well rested as well. Learning to drive stick shift takes a lot of focus. Make sure that you have the necessary permit or license while driving. The driving instructor should also have their instructors license with them.