Brentwood Driving School

Finding the best driving school in Brentwood is the goal for parents of teenage drivers and adults learning how to drive. Westwood Driving School has been serving the city of Brentwood for close to 30 years. From the Sunset Blvd. to San Vicente, the​ Brentwood​ ​Country​ Mart.

Westwood Driving School has been teaching new drivers how to drive safely. Navigating through Brentwood’s neighborhoods near Sunset and the Country Mart on 26th and San Vicente. Westwood Driving School has taught thousands of students how to drive defensively.

Westwood Driving School has been the premier driving school for Brentwood High School students. Brentwood is home to Brentwood High School, Archer High School and Mt. St. Mary’s College.  Westwood Driving School is the most trusted driving school in Brentwood.

The services offered in Brentwood are the best in town. The advantage of choosing Westwood Driving School is a proper instruction with experienced instructors. We have the best Driver’s Training Instruction Vehicles around.

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