Driver's Training TEENS

Westwood Driving School has been teaching teens to drive for over 25 years. Our instructors are friendly, experienced, and know the most up-to-date methods of driving and safety techniques.

Driving lessons with Westwood Driving School are fun, comfortable and easy.


Our instructors are licensed, trained professionals. Apart from their experience, they are also fun and friendly people. The team at Westwood Driving School are all about safe driving and help students understand the rules of the road.

Our teen driver’s training lessons will begin preparing students for the Behind-the-Wheel DMV exam, and most importantly, building safe behind-the-wheel driving skills to ensure you are ready to practice with your parents for 50 hours, 10 should be at night.

The minimum requirement set by the Department of Motor Vehicles for a Driver’s Training (behind-the-wheel) course is six-hours of training. Driver’s Training is accomplished in a vehicle with a licensed instructor. It takes 3 days, (2 hours per day) to complete, though it is best NOT to take the lessons too close together – practicing between lessons is imperative! Driver’s Training can be taken any day of the week with an appointment. The first lesson covers the basics: familiarizing the car, getting comfortable with the gas and brake pedals, etc. Once these basic skills are mastered and the instructor feels the student can do so safely, they will let the student know they are safe to drive with their parents. Freeway driving and parallel parking are not included on the drive test and not a requirement of Driver’s Training. Possibly on the third lesson, if the student requests it and they are ready, having completed their 50 hours with their parents/guardians, they may do entering/exiting or practicing on the freeway. It is up to the instructor to decide if the student is ready without interfering with learning and practicing basic driving skills (feel free to request freeway or parallel parking, and our instructor will make every effort to comply). In addition, we pick up and drop off our students for most lessons. Pick up can be at home, school, practice, or any place arranged in advance; please have a working (turned on) cell phone with you if your pick-up is not at home. We are not allowed to drive on the TEST ROUTE at any DMV. It is against the law for ANY Driving School vehicles to be on the DMV route, within 500 feet of the DMV, practicing with potential test takers. The DMV examiners are also very familiar with driving instructors, if they are found on the route the student may be prevented from being tested at that DMV. Your skills are what will allow you to pass the test, not knowing just the route.

Westwood Driving School aims to provide the best driving experience. Come and see why we are the best at what we do!

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